Clearstream provides strategic growth equity to the low-carbon energy transition and renewables sector


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Strategic Partner of Choice for Investors and Operators

We provide flexible growth capital solutions to leading middle-market decarbonization strategies throughout North America and Europe, seeking to expedite the energy transition and reduce near-term GHG emissions.

Our accomplished team brings a deep level of experience spanning the energy value chain to source, diligence, structure and execute proprietary investment opportunities in an evolving energy market.

Founded on the principles of transparency and collaboration with investors and operators, we are committed to being the strategic partner of choice in the energy industry.



Decarbonizing Today’s Energy Market and Building Tomorrow’s

Clearstream targets control investments in low-carbon energy transition and renewables companies and platforms, alongside experienced management teams. Our goal is to deliver attractive risk adjusted returns while making a positive climate impact, primarily through strategies which:
  • Grow and integrate renewable and sustainable sources of energy supply
  • Improve energy security, reliability and affordability
  • Conserve and/or recycle valuable natural resources
  • Increase efficiency and circularity of energy markets


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Clearstream believes that decarbonization of the energy industry will continue and accelerate, driving consistent and repeatable opportunities for middle-market investment throughout the energy transition period:

Decreasing Cost of Renewable EnergyThe cost of renewable energy has fallen dramatically over the past decade, making these resources more cost-competitive with traditional fossil fuels.

Growing Demand for SustainabilityConsumers are increasingly demanding sustainable energy and products, and corporate behavior is quickly following.

Continued Regulatory TailwindsDecarbonization is at the political forefront globally, driving favorable regulation, government grants and financial incentives to support energy transition.

Large and Growing Addressable MarketA significant increase in future clean energy investment will be needed to achieve climate goals laid out by The Paris Agreement.

Favorable Competitive LandscapeAvoid competition for energy transition investments by targeting the underserved middle-market sector.

Why Clearstream?

Clearstream is purpose-built to identify and evaluate a broad spectrum of opportunities across dynamic existing and emerging energy markets:

Flexible Capital SolutionsClearstream tailors capital solutions to meet a broad range of partner needs, while maintaining investment discipline with a focus on strategic growth and capital appreciation.

Proactive Risk ManagementAcross diverse energy transition sectors and asset classes, we focus on risk mitigation through extensive upfront diligence, formation of strategic partnerships, commercial contracting/structuring and active portfolio management.

Focus on ESG ResponsibilitiesWe take a proactive approach to managing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations and strive to be at the forefront of performance monitoring, delivering transparent and tangible results to our partners.



Deep Experience Across Dynamic and Evolving Energy, Power and Renewables Markets

The Clearstream Team and Advisory Board have a broad spectrum of backgrounds in energy and finance, including successful careers at leading institutions in both industries.


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Clearstream is led by Andrew W. Ward, Founder and Managing Partner, who has over 30 years of private equity experience and has assembled a team with the network and resources to identify high quality energy transition investments that provide differentiated capital returns and positive ESG outcomes.

Investment & operations team

Andrew W. Ward
Founder & Managing Partner Arrow right
M. Alexander Popp
Partner Arrow right
John M. Sartorius III
Partner Arrow right
Cynthia R. Faustino
Director of Administration Arrow right
Pearson J. Riley
Associate Arrow right
Clearstream Advisory Board

Advisory board

Peter C. Bowden
Global Head of Energy and Power,
J. Gibson Cooper
Portfolio Manager/Sr. Research Analyst,
Western Asset Management Company
Thomas B. Crowley, Jr.
Chairman and CEO,
Crowley Maritime Corporation
Vince T. Cubbage
CEO, President and Director, Tortoise Capital Advisors
Former Chairman and CEO, Arc Logistics Partners
Robert F. End
Former North American Region Head,
Merrill Lynch Global Private Equity
Kenny T. Feng
Former President and CEO,
A. Stewart Hanlon
Former President and CEO,
Gibson Energy
Kathleen M. Steele
Advisor & Former Managing Director,
Equity Group Investments
William H. Shea, Jr.
Former Chairman and CEO,
Buckeye Partners, L.P.
Jan P. Vogel
Former CEO,
HES International


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